Tire Buying 101

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Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) Standards

The US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards were created in order to provide customers with information to help them purchase new tires based on their specific needs. Its required required for most passenger car tires sold within the US, but not for deep treaded light truck tires, trailer tires, winter/snow tires, spare tires, or tires that are under 12" in diameter.

Treadwear Rating

You'll want to take treadwear ratings with a grain of salt. There is indeed a standardized Uniform Tire Quality Grade test whihc is used to measure treadwear on specific roads, but the test happens to be so easy that almost all  of the tires test end up getting high scores. Plus, it's also true that manufacturers aren't allowed to overstate their rating, but they are allowed to understate it.

Aspect Ratio

This one is a bit more simple. Aspect ratio is going to be the height of your sidewall. So, the lower the number, the less sidewall there's going to be on that specific tire.


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