BKT I-1 Farm Implement


BKT I-1 Farm Implement

$199.99 per tire

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The BKT I-1 Farm Implement is an agricultural tire specially designed for those who want high speed driving and less soil compaction. Ideal for field and road transport as well as soil tillage operations, the BKT I-1 Farm performs well on and off the road thanks to its versatile nature. It allows you to minimize travel times with its high-speed capabilities. This means you get to finish tasks on time and move on to the next one. When applied on the field, it minimizes soil compaction as it provides high flotation. So you can be tough on the job without compromising the environment beneath you. The multi-rib tread provides easy steering so you can go where you need to on the field. The wide tread design ensures that the tire enjoys long life and durability. The large footprint and deep grooves ensure better traction in any condition. It has a maximum load capacity of 2865lbs which can be driven at 40mph.

Size: 11/--15